NYOH Community Cancer Foundation building.

NYOH Community Cancer Foundation

NYOH Employee Giving

The commitment, compassion, and generosity of NYOH’s providers and staff are significant to the NYOH Community Cancer Foundation.  If you are part of NYOH, we invite you to donate today.  You might see the benefits of your gift in the next patient you see.

Payroll Deduction

Join our NYOH community that is greater than cancer by making an on-going donation through payroll deduction.  Every dollar you give fills an immediate need with patients: to buy groceries to stay healthy, pay for rent to stay comfortable in their home, or provide other basic needs and resources while in treatment.

Giving a recurring gift through payroll deduction is one of the simplest ways to donate: complete our online form specifically for NYOH employees and specify the amount you would like automatically deducted from each paycheck.  The Foundation will work with payroll to set-up your donation per pay period.

Why Choose Payroll Deduction?

  • Flexibility to choose the recurring amount deducted from each paycheck (min of $5/pay period) which works within your budget

  • No need to remember to write a check or submit your credit card info

  • No transaction or online processing fees

  • Receive an annual thank you gift from the Foundation

  • Spread your gift over time, in smaller, more financially manageable amounts

  • Ability to change the amount of your donation or cancel it at any time

  • Provide a predictable and steady donation source to the Foundation throughout the year

If you prefer to make a one-time donation, visit our Foundation’s online donation page.
View this list of additional ways NYOH employees can get involved with the Foundation.


“I have learned that concerns about money, food, and basic needs are sometimes the biggest stressors for people with cancer. I feel that I can make a tangible difference by donating to the Foundation. I see the benefit regularly in my clinic visits, as my patients are so grateful for the support. I find that using payroll deduction is convenient and works well for my schedule and my own finances.”

Ellen Gokey, Director, NYOH Palliative Care Programs